Guildline Instruments is an Engineering Company that designs, manufactures and markets ultra-precise instruments for the fields of metrology and oceanography. Most Guildline instruments are unique and represent the only commercially available instrument capable of uncertainties/ accuracy in the sub parts-per-million range of precision bridges and standards.
IET Labs is the manufactures of Resistance, Capacitance and Inductance decades and standards, stroboscopes, sound level meters, resistance thermometer simulators, current / voltage sources, voltage dividers and ohmmeters. IET labs are internationally recognized standards manufacturers for metrology in GenRad Tradition.
Magnetic Instrumentation/KJS Associates is the manufacturer of magnetization, Capacitive Discharge,    DC Electro-Magnet, Half-Cycle and Permanent Magnet Magnetizing Systems. Magnetizing Fixtures along with magnetic testing and engineered magnetic solutions.
MBW Calibration is recognized internationally as a developer and supplier of high-quality chilled mirror dew point hygrometers used in a variety of humidity calibration, measurement and gas quality applications.
Thunder Scientific has been a leading humidity generator manufacturer for more than 50 years.  Most National Metrology Institutes and the world’s leading hygrometer manufacturers run Thunder generators because of their precision, stability and reliability.
Leyro Instruments is a specialized company in the manufacture, distribution and maintenance of Pressure, Temperature & Humidity calibration and measurement equipment.
AccuMac Corporation designs and manufactures digital thermometer readouts, platinum resistance temperature probes, thermocouples and thermal imaging devices.
OSIL provide integrated systems for environmental monitoring in all marine applications. OSIL are the world leading experts in the field of salinity measurement, operating the IAPSO standard Seawater Service using the world standard in salinometers.
Heitronics is the Leading  manufacturers for Infrared Technology. Heitronics Develops, Manufactures and Distributes Industry- specific systems and solutions for Precise, Contactless Temperature Measurement with Long-Term Stability of Temperatures Ranging from   -100 °C TO 3000 °C.